USLS Series

USLS Series

Low Profile Stack Mating Type

Our USLS series is 0.4 mm pitch, stack mating type micro coaxial cable connector.

Mating List

Product List

Product List & Technical Data (CAD files)

Key Features

Compact Connector with 1.65 mm Stack Height

Compact Connector with 1.65 mm Stack Height

In addition to stack mating, bulk pressure welding improves connection reliability and makes it more compact.

  • It has an effective mating length of 0.35 mm, a low profile of 1.65 mm stack height, and a 3.05 mm mating width. Applicable for high-density printed circuit boards.
  • The cable harness can be passed through thin tube of 4mm diameter.
  • Available with 20, 30, or 40 positions
  • Lead-free product
Stack Mating Type. Easy Positioning and Excellent Workability during Mating

Stack Mating Type
Easy Positioning and Excellent Workability during Mating

  • In our USLS series, the common problem of positioning for stack mating type connectors has been resolved with our advanced technology.
  • Stack mating provides superior workability.

Improved Product Strength, Transmission Characteristics, Noise Reduction

  • The board-side connector is surrounded by a metal shell to improve noise reduction, product strength, and to strengthen grounding.
  • Ground terminals are provided at multiple points to improve transmission and EMS characteristics.
  • A nickel barrier is placed on the board-side contact to prevent the solder from lifting.


Insulator MaterialLCP (glass fiber-filled) UL94V-0 material, black
Contact MaterialCopper alloy
Contact FinishNickel-plated base, gold-plated finish (nickel barrier on substrate side)
Shell Material(USLS00/20) Copper alloy
(USLS21) Stainless
Shell FinishNickel-plated base, gold-plated finish (some tin-copper plating)
Cover MaterialLCP (glass fiber-filled) UL94V-0 material, black
Adhesive Tape Material[USLS00] Polyimide
Rated Current0.25 A per contact
Contact Resistance100 mΩ max.
Withstand Voltage200 V AC, 1 minute
Insulation Resistance250 V DC, 100 mΩ min.
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +85 °C
Applicable Cable(USLS20) AWG#42 micro coaxial cable
(USLS21) AWG#40/42/44/46 micro coaxial cable (max. outer diameter: 0.39 mm)

Product List & Technical Data

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Part numberCurrent ratingPitchNo. of contactsTypeConnection typeRecommended cableNo. of packagingPackaging styleRoHSOther featuresProduct drawingSpecification3D-CAD
USLS00-20-A0.25 A0.4 mm20Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking500Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-20-B0.25 A0.4 mm20Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking1,000Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-20-C0.25 A0.4 mm20Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking3,000Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-30-A0.25 A0.4 mm30Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking500Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-30-B0.25 A0.4 mm30Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking1,000Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-30-C0.25 A0.4 mm30Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking3,000Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-40-A0.25 A0.4 mm40Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking500Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-40-B0.25 A0.4 mm40Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking1,000Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-40-C0.25 A0.4 mm40Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking3,000Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS20-200.25 A0.4 mm20Plug (Cable side)StackingAWG#42160TrayCompliantCable connection: IDCViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS20-300.25 A0.4 mm30Plug (Cable side)StackingAWG#42120TrayCompliantCable connection: IDCViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS20-400.25 A0.4 mm40Plug (Cable side)StackingAWG#42100TrayCompliantCable connection: IDCViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-34-A0.25 A0.4 mm34Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking500Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-34-B0.25 A0.4 mm34Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking1,000Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS00-34-C0.25 A0.4 mm34Receptacle (PCB side)Stacking3,000Embossed tapeCompliantViewViewDownloadDownload
USLS21-340.25 A0.4 mm34Plug (Cable side)StackingAWG
10,000OtherCompliantCable connection: SolderingViewViewDownloadDownload

Standards, Compliance, and Test Results

Standard Name

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Case Studies


The current customer connector and cable harness are affected by electrical noise from peripheral devices, and the display’s image quality was compromised.


The USLS series metal shell and multiple ground terminals reduced the noise, and the customer problem was resolved.


Flexible Customization & Consultation

Flexible Customization & Consultation

Renowned for industry-leading expertise in floating connectors, we can assist you through the entire process of creating custom solutions. We have many years of experience in connector peripheral development, design, and manufacturing.

Top-Quality Products Made in Japan

Top-Quality Products Made in Japan

A fully automated production line for floating connectors is now in operation with a Class 100,000 cleanroom at our plant located in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture.

ISO & IATF Certified

ISO & IATF Certified

We are ISO9001/14001 and IATF16949 certified and registered.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

With technology cultivated over 60 years, we pursue miniature, reliable and high functionality

Transmission Simulation

Transmission Simulation Data

Our development department can replicate similar customer conditions and provide you with accurate simulation data.

Custom Harness Support

Custom Harness Support

KEL develops custom-made harnesses to meet your specifications.