Flexible Custom Harness Support

Custom Harness Support

KEL has consistently developed and delivered custom harnesses for many customers by combining micro coaxial cables and connectors according to customer requirements.

If there are no harnesses on the market, or if you are dissatisfied with those you are currently producing in terms of delivery time, quality, or supply, KEL will solve the problem.

  • A harness specialist will design the harness.
  • KEL will do the procurement and management of cables and other parts.
  • We guarantee the quality of the harness as a complete product to use with confidence.
  • In combination with the transmission simulation data service, we provide consulting from the customer’s new product development stage.
  • We can flexibly respond to your needs, from small production runs for testing to mass production and stable supply.

Custom Harness Examples

The following is an example of our custom-made harnesses. We can flexibly respond to customer requests for applications other than those listed below.

Cable Bundling Example: Partial Tape Bundle

Cable Bundling Example

Partial Tape Bundle

Cable Protection Example: Tape Gluing

Cable Protection Example

Tape Gluing

Cable Protection Example: PTFE Tape Bundle

Cable Protection Example

PTFE Tape Bundle

Cable Protection Example: Shrink Tube Bundle

Cable Protection Example

Shrink Tube Bundle

Cable Bundling Example: Bands Bundle

Cable Bundling Example

Bands Bundle

Shield Processing Example: Sheath Removal

Shield Processing Example

Sheath Removal

Shield Processing Example: Attaching Drain Wire

Shield Processing Example

Attaching Drain Wire

Noise Suppression Example: Ferrite Core Installation

Noise Suppression Example

Ferrite Core Installation

Our professional staff will be happy to help.

To get started, please contact us with details of your requirements.